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Everywhere You See

Sparks Ignite

Everywhere You See was created shortly after the millennium between childhood friends Seth, Ben & Derrick, as an art collective. 

In addition to promoting local parties & nightclubs, we expressed thoughts and ideas through meaningful street art.

With a legacy that helped craft the culture of Wynwood in Miami, and Fat Village in Ft. Lauderdale... Everywhere You See and it's members are honored to be considered amongst the first contributors.

The image and perception of these growing and trendy districts is remarkable.

A new perspective

After ten years, Everywhere You See was re-imagined as a full service branding, public relations, and marketing agency.

Our focus is within the hospitality and nightlife industries.

By offering unique approaches, we bring ideas and brands to life.

Community involvement

Annually, we donate a percentage of revenue to locally based non-profit organizations that focus on second chances to young adults in our community.

In Loving Memory

Seth Michael Aird